Pictures to DOWNLOAD and PRINT!

Autism 123

Many children have difficulty saying what they want or need and understanding what is happening next. Pictures have been found to be very helpful for children of all ages to help them to feel more sure of what is happening and to express themselves. Here are some examples of pictures you can print out and customize for your own family or agency need. You can also use pictures from magazines or your own camera to help your child communicate and understand what is happening.


I Want…i want

Behavior/I want Behavior,I Want

clothing  clothing

Parent Pictures 1, 2, 3  Parent Pictures 3   PARENT PICTURES1   Parent Pictures2

Picture card Reward choices  Picture Cards Rewards

Star Rewards  Star Reward board

Preschool Activities 1, 2 Preschool activities (1)   preschool activities 2

Snack foods 1,2 snackfood1   snackfood2

Toys 1, 2  toys1    Toys2

Places to Go 1, 2 Visuals_Places to go     Visuals_More places to go

Weekend Visuals  Weekend visual aids!!

Hand Washing Hand washing visual schedule



Autism 123

Adorable Z copy

Are you wondering about Autism?
Are you new to Autism and are not sure what to do first?
Are you looking for something to help a family who may be new to Autism?
Check out these easy our easy to read Quick Guide to Autism:
What is it? What do I do next? How do I get help?

English     Autism 123

¿Quieres saber sobre el autismo ?
¿Es nuevo en el autismo y no está seguro de qué hacer primero ?
¿Está buscando algo para ayudar a una familia que pueden ser nuevas para el autismo?
Echa un vistazo a estos fácil nuestra fácil de leer guía rápida para el autismo :
¿Qué es? ¿Que hago después? ¿Cómo puedo obtener ayuda ?

Spanish     AUTISMO 123

Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Special Needs

Potty training


Toilet Training for Children with Autism (English) Autism_Toilet_Training_Booklet

Toilet Training for Children with Autism (Chinese) Toilet-Training-Booklet-Chinese(1)

Toilet Training for Children with Autism (Spanish) Toilet-Training-Booklet-in-Spanish

Toilet Training for Children (English) toilet-training-for-children-booklet


Philadelphia Asian Family Health Resource

The Philadelphia Asian Family Health Resource provides workshops and information for Asian families who are caring for a child with special needs. To find out when our next workshops might be or to see photos or resources please check Facebook group, click here!

We are a network to connect Asian families with children with special needs and the people who work with them to resources, information, events and trainings. PLEASE NOTE: this group does not provide individual advocacy services but is a forum for information.